About Lash Extension Milan

With more than 5 years of experince as a lash and make up artist ,I m glad to make your Face perfect.
Why I do the beauty?
I love beauty and Face is the first to express them.
 My happy clients are my best achievment.

If you are in Milan ,you can simply come to our center and have a look to check for Microblading ,semi permanent makeup for lips as well as Lash extension!


Eyes come first Do you agree with me?
As a make up artist for 5 years in entertainment industry(tv ,fashion shows)I used a lot of different techniques for having the prefect and beautiful result while staying natural. One of the popular teqnicue among these models and actresses is lash extension .Why?
Lash Extension when it s done properly without any exaggeration ,give a wonderful result.
With the lash Extension  we can make small eyes look way more bigger. Even modify some imperfection like droopy eyelids ..etc
Having lash extension when you are in Milan is something not to miss especially if you frequent places related to show bizz.
How long does lash extension last?
When it s done with good material it last for a month .However it needs every two or 3 weeks touch up for the perfect result. For example lash extension with mink which is high quality if maintain good they almost last 3 weeks.
What to do for lash extension if I live in Milan or any other city with a rainy weather?
It doesn’t matter how rainy it is, if it s Milan or any other city, the most important part is not to get wet around lash extension or in contact with water in 48 hour after application.
How to make lash extension last longer?
There are some tips if you live in busy city like Milan or any other place that you do not have enough time to reduce touch up.
By brushing them every morning and after shower. Do not pull out them even if you feel like extension is positioning in a strange way just brush them or go to your lash artist. Cause when you pull your lash extension  it can actually hurt your lashes and make them grow back really slowly like in 2 months or so.
When you sleep don’t sleep on your face .
Lash extension in Milan and prices
Where to get lash extension if I m in Milan. There are many salons as well as technician who does it at home which much less price.
When it comes to extension there are 2 things that you need to remember!
Go to person that you saw the result
Do not take low price services from people that you do not know cause it can really damage your eyes and lashes the glue is really strong.
ABOUT Lash Extension Milan
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