Why lash extension ?Long lashes and full thick eyebrows are the sign of beauty and youth.
I don’t want you to look like another kim Kardashian but to look like your best. Lash extension makes that possible.With applying Natural full set lash you can achieve an impressive look only in one hour and a half.Eyelash extensions are for any woman who wants to be beautiful and spend less time for Makeup.
How is that possible?It may sounds boring to wait for 1 hour a half to apply lash extensions but for 4 weeks you do not need to put make up and remove you are ready day and night.
With your perfect lashes only a lipstick will do the trick!
As we have different types of lash extension I try to explain, this way you can choose
Easier for what you need.
1.natural set full classic Lash extension (you have lashes but they are not enough and you want to improve or make them longer however you do not want volume)
2.2D,3D,7D lash extension (you have fine lashes or they are blonde and it s almost as you have none,you want a full look with massive volume to grab attention to your eyes )
3.Mixed lash extension this is a combination of natural with some touch of 3D (you want a natural look but you are looking for a volume as well however you do not want to go overboard so a mix is your choice)
In the Gallery of lash extension Milan you can see different eye shape and types of
Extensions.There are many lash artist why should you choose me? Because I do lash extension for your eye shape.As you can see in the gallery every eye has a design to make them look perfect that is my specialty.
Furthermore Lash extension has to done in a right way, not to damage the eyelashes. That is why I use Mink which is light on your lashes and there is no damage for refills.
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